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The Confectionery Factory “Mercury” is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of lollipops on the territory of Ukraine, which was founded in 1990 as a small enterprise. The production are is located in the Cherkasy region in Balakleya village, and the main office of the company is in the town of Smela. The production of lollipops was started in 1999 under the trademark Roks. The first export of products was carried out to Russia in 2000. Deliveries to the Metro network in Ukraine started in 2003. In 2007, Roks products were presented for the first time at the key international confectionery exhibition (ISM, Cologne). In 2015, the factory started to supply to the Auchan network in Ukraine. In 2017 a new production building of the factory with an area of 6300 m2 was put into operation, in which new powerful lines for the production of caramel products were installed. The modernization made it possible to increase the capacity of the factory and significantly increase the level of energy savings through the introduction of the latest technologies, high quality and safety of our products.

The lollipops of the TM “Roks” are made on the basis of high-quality raw materials – sugar and glucose syrup of Ukrainian origin, with the addition of only natural colours and flavours, without any synthetic additives. The usage of the latest technologies allows to get high quality products. The range of product includes more than 170 types of lollipops. Some of them have no analogues. A significant part of the assortment is handmade. The sweets, made by the hands of the expert craftsmen, are unique. Handicraft is always appreciated by buyers. The enterprise also produces lollipops based on sweeteners – sorbitol and isomalt.

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