Our goal is the production and supply of safe confectionery products focused on meeting consumer needs

Mercury Confectionery has implemented a food safety and quality management system in accordance with the international standards IFS Food Version 6.1 and BRCGS-Global standard for food Safety Issue 8.
Certification of production was carried out by foreign auditors, representatives of the international certification body “Gualityaustria”
The level of safety and quality of Roks TM products according to two standards, during the company’s audit, was assessed as high.
The basis of the quality and safety system involves the control of all stages of the product life cycle using the principles of NACCP.
The Mercury Confectionery Factory has implemented control of all production conditions and factors that affect the quality of products at all stages of production: from the stage of obtaining raw materials to its sale to the consumer. The purpose of control is to ensure the production of high quality products in accordance with applicable norms and standards.
All warehouses of finished products and ingredients for its production are equipped with systems for remote monitoring of compliance with temperature and humidity – this provides ideal storage conditions.
All employees of the company are involved in the quality management process, from senior executives to production workers.

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